Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year!

I guess your wondering where I've been? The month of November and December were spent in Atlanta, Georgia filming "Necessary Roughness," the USA TV pilot based on my life. And now that I'm back I'd like to share with you what I've learned.

It took seven years to get this far. Seven years filled with obstacles, nay slayers, and bedtime prayers, loss of money, family stress, relocation, and disappointment. But the more harrowing the challenge, the more focused and determined I became. Did I want to give up? Absolutely, but there was always someone who told me to keep going, a book that fell off a shelf that reminded me about visualization and patience, and the fighter within me who just wouldn't give up. To be more specific here are my top ten lessons learned:

1. Never let anyone tell you that you can't do something.
2. Don't be ordinary, it's way too boring.
3. Dreams do come true if you believe.
4. Focus on what you want, not what you don't want.
5. Don't forget to breath.
6. Be patient, knowing that everything happens for a reason
7. You are never too old to accomplish anything.
8. You need people, pick the ones who believe in you.
9. Find the love in everyone you meet.
10. Be grateful for where you are in life because you are exactly where you need to be.

As it turned out, "Necessary Roughness" wasn't only a great name for our show, it was the best term to describe my life and for many of you I'm sure it can describe yours. Hang in there and hold on tight because the ride of life sure can get bumpy. I think the biggest lesson I learned was that when you arrive at your still won't seem like your done and that's because you're not. There will always be something more you want...something bigger, something better. And that my friend is called the "human condition." It's what keeps our species going. It's what we call progress, growth, evolution. We are here on this earth to learn and grow, and no matter how much we learn or how much we achieve we just can't stop wanting more. Each generation provides for the next as they take us to the leading edge of existence where we temper our humanity, strive for peace, and learn to love unconditionally. Our world is changing and the people in it are adapting. We must focus on the positive aspects of our humanity and in doing so attract more of it every day.

As we enter 2011, let it be your year to visualize the grandest of dreams with the knowledge that life is not supposed to hurt. Believe you were born to succeed and that we all have the power to achieve our goals. And then...pull out all the stops, take a chance, and live the life you've been dreaming about. You deserve it!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Donna Dannenfelser